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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Free lahara software!

Hi everyone,

For those of you who don't have a Nagma machine, or similar, TaalPulse is a great (and free) tool for your Indian music practice. I just found out about this software yesterday, when the developer, Guillaume Pothier, visited one of my tabla classes at McGill.

The software has programmable volume, tempo, and pitch for tabla, lahara, and tanpura. A large number of laharas are included. I'm just hoping that Guillaume will change the sample sounds in the software, as the melodica sample is not great. Harmonium or sarangi would be much preferable. :)

Because the software is programmed in Squeek, it can run on almost any platform (PC, Mac, Linux, even Windows Mobile!). I'm still working out the bugs in getting it to run smoothly on my PDA, but it runs fine on my PC.

For more info, screenshots, and to download the software, see this link:




Prasanna said...

Awesome software.I am learning to play the flute and i find this quite useful. just what i was looking for.

Shawn said...

Glad you find it useful! I am hoping the author will revise the software with new samples...

ToBo said...


I am loving the software, Thanks!!

I have one dilemma, that is the Theka won't play anything but Tintaal. Everything else adjusts just not the Theka. Any ideas?


Shawn said...

That's very strange; I haven't experienced that problem. Perhaps contact the author.

Though, he will be releasing a new version in the very near future! Better audio quality, and some new features.

Makarand MK said...

gr8 software thanks to software developers and u!!!

amy said...

gr8 software...really helps a lot while RIYAZ.

Shubhendu said...

Thanks a lot for this post!

Amit Soni said...

Quit good and simple software but it contains only six taals.
timing of some taal are slightly odd. rest is good.

suraj said...

Thank you so much
You are an angel

mahendra verma said...

thank you very much, my friend.

Anang PS Chouhan said...

It is great !! Finally we the beginners find something good to practice with, and it is free. Thanks for such a great share !! regards;