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Monday, 26 April 2010

Live at Zazen with Jonathan Voyer

This past Saturday, I performed with santoor player Jonathan Voyer, as part of the Zazen Live series. My aim with this series is to promote Indian classical music in an intimate setting. All performances are acoustic.

Jonathan Voyer is a disciple of santoor maestro, Pandit Satish Vyas. We opened with Raag Dhani - first an alap, then a gat jhaptaal (10-beat cycle), followed by a gat in drut teentaal (16-beat cycle).

After a short intermission (ie: samosa break), we continued with Raag Yaman - alap, gat in rupaktaal (7-beat cycle), and ending with a gats in madhya and drut teentaal.

I was really happy with the audience turnout for this concert - we were completely sold out. As always, the audience was really attentive. Jonathan performed many interesting (and challenging) rhythmic variations, with much depth and nuance. Looking forward to future performances together!

A big thanks to Jennifer at Zazen, for her continued support of Indian classical music and dance.


Bh03 said...

Your a decent tabla player but learn this kaida first before you play on stage again (copy and paste in your browser, its a buzzword online document file)
Pratice this alot it is good for the fingers and will make you play alot better!

Shawn said...

Thank you for your comment. I actually know that kaida very well. Tabla is a lifelong journey, and one never arrives at the end. Constant learning and practice, that's for sure...