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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Tabla North of the Arctic Circle!

Hi everyone,

My apologies for the long silence. The past several months have been a very busy and complex time. I will do my best to fill in the blanks in the coming days!

This past June 29-July 2, I had the pleasure of performing in the Alianait Arts Festival, with the Indian folk group Galitcha. We gave a couple of performances and I also gave a tabla workshop. Alianait takes place up in Iqaluit, which is the capital city of Nunavut, in northern Canada. The population is approximately 12000 people, and at the time I was there, it was light 24 hours per day, with the sun visible for about 22 hours per day. It was a totally amazing experience! The people there were so welcoming and open to our music. The hospitality was great, and in the few days we were there, I really had a thorough experience of life up north. I would be more than happy to return any time! (Actually, I would love to see what it is like during wintertime!)

The festival closed on July 1, with Canada Day celebrations. At the end of the day of performances, all the artists got on stage and performed a big medley/jam together!

It seems that I have the honour of being the first tabla player to perform tabla in Iqaluit; wow!

Special thanks to Ed Maruyama for the photos!

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