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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ragleela in Verchères for Musique sur le Fleuve

This past Sunday, I made the trip to Verchères for the first time. Verchères is a small town, just south-east of Montreal, about a 30-40 minute drive. Ragleela (this time, as a quintet) performed in the Musique sur le Fleuve series, organized by Suzie Auclair. Our noon-hour concert was really well attended, with about 350 people onsite. With the perfect weather and waterfront views, there's no wonder that this festival attracts a lot of people...

We played a 75-minute set, mostly made up of tunes from the upcoming album (yes, it is coming soon!). It was nice to have a few of the old favourites included as well, most notably Camp in Town, which opens with a tabla solo. No complaints here! :)

Left to right: Mathieu Deschenaux (bass), me (tabla), Uwe Neumann (sitar),
Jean-Marc Hébert (guitar), Eric Breton (percussion)
Uwe on sansa, for Sansonica!

Time for an encore, I think!
We all had a really fun day, and looking forward to the next time! Thank you to Suzie and the whole team for the warm (and very professional) welcome!

Thanks to Caroline for the photos!

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